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Welcome to my portfolio site. I'm always updating things here with fresh, new pics from my latest shoots. Stop by often.

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15.JUN.2019 update
Exciting news, everyone! Our work has been featured in the Perfect Wedding Magazine again! This time the magazine will be featuring the Matt and Jillian Doll's Wedding!

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At her core, Kali is an artist. Starting out as a painter, Kali fell in love with the creative process. She then went onto college and founded her own photography and design company in the rural of Kansas City. In 2012, she began with a small client base, and has built her career since. She is known as the 'Design Queen' by many. Not only is Kali a well known photographer, she also has a built career with her drawings, paintings, photo restorations and graphic design. Her work has been featured in multiple blogs, online features and the Knot, the Perfect Wedding Magazine, and Bridal Essense.

She currently resides with her husband south of Kansas City in the country.